Learn How to Become a YouTuber!

Learned from the school of hard knocks

Becoming a YouTuber (and specifically a YouTube Gamer) is a goal that isn’t always pretty. You’ll struggle. You’ll be frustrated. It may take years for you to get where you want to be. Remember that despite these challenges, the name of the game is to ENJOY YOUR CONTENT. Your level of enjoyment can be seen through your videos and will negatively affect the overall experience.

But how does one “start” making videos? While there are many paths people can take and tutorials on how to do it I felt that none of them touch on specific subjects people RARELY address such as what X devices should I get with Y budget and Z time? When should I upload my videos? How long should they be? How do I get my “brand” out there?

This section of the website is to instill knowledge I’ve learned (and still learning!) on my own path to getting where I want to go. It’s a culmination of the time and effort I’ve put in to learning the ropes and coming up with a routine pattern that I’ve seen some success in. I DO NOT intend this guide series to be a MASTER solution; only as one of many ways you can go about becoming the best version of yourself.

This series will be broken up into 3 parts: Starting Out, The Grind, and Optimization. Additionally this section of the website will include new topics as time goes on and we see the shape of the YouTube/Video on Demand world grows. And while these tips assist the general YouTube creator, it will also have points that gear specifically towards the gamer audience – I will do my best to make these articles as apparent as possible.