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Replaced By Voice

Ever wondered how your favorite game would sound if all possible sound effects were replaced by voice? How about my voice?

Suprisingly enough, creating a video like this take a lot of time to make and the thing I wish I could convey better is how loyal I try to stay to the original version.



Philosophy Friday


In this series we break down video game-based concepts or related new topics and apply it to the real world. Is eSports really a sport? Is it worth fighting through negative mendset? How can we cope with finding a grind schedule. All of these are taken into consideration in #PhilosophyFriday.


Youtube Let’s Plays

Silent Hill: Homecoming [Complete]


One of my earlier let’s plays. Has been generally successful in views over the years. You can tell my novice skills in editing this series, but in either case I hope I added enough colorful commentary to it.